Bellingham Parishes

  Saint Blaise 1158 South Main Street

  The mission of our Saint Blaise Catholic   Community is to be people of prayer dedicated   to spreading the Good News of God's saving   love to all, as we journey together in faith. As a   sacramental people united in the Eucharist, we   seek to develop and strengthen our relationship with Jesus.

Through the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we give witness to God's Word, actively following the Gospel message of peace, love, and Social Justice.Ref.

Religious Services Saturday 4:00 PM Sunday 7:30 AM & 10:00 AM

Saint Blaise welcomes all to the Catholic community and to its parish. If you are new to the area and would like to register with the parish, please contact the parish office at 508-966-1258 or Contact Fr. Albert Faretra via e-mail: . Faith Formation Director: Bethany Grenier, Contact at or 966-1258 x13

Saint Blaise is wheelchair accessible and smoke-free in all it's facilities.



  Saint Brendan 384 Hartford Avenue

  If you are new to St. Brendan's and would like to   register in the parish, please call the Parish Office   (508) 966-9802.

  Saint Brendan's is a Catholic Church in   Bellingham, Massachusetts. This web site   provides links and   info of interest to Saint   Brendan's Parishioners,   Christians, and Pro-Lifers.

St. Brendan's Church, parish offices, restrooms, and Fr. Gilmartin Hall are wheelchair accessible and smoke-free.

Contact Father Mullen by email: